Frequently Asked Questions

Call Barbara at 682-498-0370 to schedule an appointment.  During the appointment, we will complete a “Customer Information Form”.  We will measure your quilt and calculate the estimated costs and time for completion.  In addition, we will estimate costs for batting (by the yard) and thread (by the number of bobbins) provided by BLAQ. 

For quilting services simply bring you quilt top and coordinated backing to BLAQ.  Measure your top and then ensure that your backing material is 6-8” longer on all four side (Top, Bottom, Left Side, and Right Side). 

The Quilting Schedule is based on the order by which they are received.  Scheduling will be discussed during completion of your “Customer Information Form” with Barbara.

A longarm quilting machine can be hand or computer guided.  BLAQ provides computer-quided quilting which means that after selecting a pattern(s) the computer directs the operation of the long arm stitcher. Currently BLAQ does not offer hand-quided quilting.

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BLAQ uses 80% Cotton/20% Polyester Batting which provides you the ability to launder the quilt.  Other types of batting are available and may be discussed at your “Customer Information Form” meeting.

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  1. Basic Quilting: Basic quilting encompasses any design that covers the quilt from edge to edge with out regard for specific areas of the quilt.  Examples include meandering and pantographs quilting designs.  Quilting costs vary based on the size of the project and the level of density for your selected design.  Basic Quilting Designs typically take 3-5 hours per queen size quilt.  Quilting cost start at $0.02 Cents per square inch.


  1. Semi-Custom Designs: Semi-custom quilting is defined as quilting that differentiates a certain area of the quilt from other parts of the quilt.  For example, a quilt with meandering in its center portion and a separate border design is considered “semi-custom”.  This includes skills such as stitching in the ditch and using more basic and/or complex designs. Semi-Custom Designs typically takes 5-15 hours per queen size quilt.  Quilting cost start at $0.03 Cents per square inch.


  1. Custom Designs: Custom quilts have varying designs such as different blocks, borders, and slashings. Based on these various designs the density can range from light to extra heavy.  Custom Quilt designs may include feathers, small background fillers, different block and border motifs and more.  Custom quilting typically takes 10-20 hours per queen size quilt.  Quilting cost start at $0.04 Cents per square inch.
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